Report on Spring Beekeeper Conference

by Ron Schwartz

I recently attended the Arkansas Beekeepers Association Spring Conference held in Searcy. I’d like to encourage all Arkansas beekeepers to attend these conferences. Your local association may contain a wealth of knowledge, but these conferences expose you to speakers and information that you will not get locally.¬† They are well worth the time and effort to attend.

The main presenters were Ralph “Buddy” May and David Burns. Buddy is from South Carolina and spoke of dribbling Oxalic Acid for varroa control, the value of propolis, and beekeeper mentoring. David spoke of beekeeping forensics (actually how to keep from having to do it), feral colony removal, and honey bee nutrition.

There are several things I took away from the conference:

  • Propolis is valued by many for its health properties. I’ve been mostly just cussing this stuff and throwing it away. No more!
  • I haven’t been near aggressive enough in controlling varroa.
  • Mentoring is essential for new beekeeper success.

The Fall conference will be held the last weekend in October in Little Rock. You are encouraged to make plans to attend.